I'm a spoken word artist. At times I'll call myself a poet, and at other times, when I want to be inconspicuous I'll call myself a writer. I enjoy the page and exploring where my imagination takes me. Often times it's unpacking complex emotions stretching them to what if's, maybes, to darker depths then bridging them to moments of clarity or perhaps more complication. Either way I've left or created confrontation on the page. The stage is a heightened experience. A place that's brought my imagination to life, it's a powerful place one that almost convinces me that my words are so magnanimous, they're levitating me off the ground; for anywhere from 2 and a half minutes to 25 minutes I'm flying. I created this blog to be my anything. While I've come to understand that writing was not enough to be my everything (no one thing can be) I treasure it so much because writing allowed me to be anything and anywhere. And what made it so grand, was the fact that I could share it. So if you're here reading this when you could be anywhere; thank you. Thank you and welcome. Xx

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