Thursday, 26 April 2018

Glasshouses // ~

You and I are odd bodies
once molten
once, twice, several times scorched
once golden.
of softness, of grit
whisked by wind,
I am weary
several times scorched,
once molten
I, ebbed or fled without certainty
without consistency
to sink or to desiccate
Instead I became glass
I am weary of you
consequences of transparency
apparently vulnerability weighs as culpability
I don’t wanna know its reflection
you and I are odd bodies
we came from erosion
momentum of perfusion
swallowing illusion
to save ourselves
the desperation of destitution
so when we learnt how to stand
we stood as shards of glass
waging wars for and against vulnerability
you and I are odd bodies
a light beaming through the looking glass
or are the looking glass
finite and fleeting,
culminating, searching, reaching to be everything;
you and I are odd bodies
death of a sun,
shards of glass in desert nights.
I'm terrified of you as I am of myself
I don't know if you were fire
or if fire made you
you boiled the ocean
I sunk the forest
we trapped heat deep underground
I'm terrified of you as I am of myself
In my eyes
you'd see through me
to find a world that once was
or never could be.
I'm not cruel
I am
a product of my environment
just like you.
you and I are odd bodies
Self destructive, reengineered
seared then sealed into glasshouses
stained bodies
telling tales of a god who once lived
who fell to Achilles' heel
buried 6 feet under with his next of kin
what if we're telling the story of us
a thousand times over
bodies wearing thin
you and I are odd bodies
as delicate as glass
a fate of fatality
as fragile as uncertainty.



  1. Absolutely amazing admas, another great read as if you were connected to this earth and its spirits like no other btw its Shannon it wouldnt let me post with facebook :)

    1. Thank you Shannon <3 you beautiful beautiful soul x


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