Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Anti Hero II

I cut river mouths where sleeves lost their seems
and I'm mad I couldn't find God.
the out pour
was my endless catastrophe 
honestly I was looking for a hero
or at the very least a villain. 
maybe then I wouldn't hurt so much
maybe then I'd know where to cut
I'm mad I folded up my legs, arms, and chest
regardless my heart broke
not enough room for my lungs to fill
not enough essence unveiled
I've yet to understand love
I made myself small
I don't know God's eyes
I've only ever seen through mine
irises collapsing 
Osiris draining vessels
Orion drew my crooked spine  
what's left but dead weight
for black holes
see I made myself small 
thinking I had spared God's children
become insignificant or invisible
or a speck of dust
my heart broke right before it exploded 
I cut river mouths where sleeves lost their seems
But I can't let shit go
dead weight for black holes
God bent space to create time
time is endless
light is finite; God's first mind fuck
age is value over time expedited by light
the sun ages hot and ruthless
the sun is an antihero
existing only for expression
the artist bares the sun's same fate
and inevitable catastrophe 
We are not of God's image
that was Narcissus' lie
God is of the sun
with no intention of saving us
no intention of honesty
honestly we created God to save ourselves 
you and I are anti heroes. 


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