Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Art and the Artist

The Art
She is water
Streaming effervescently
Whisking you
Gracing you into enchantment
She cut land into slivers
Carved herself a mouth
Roared requiems for the gods
Uninhibited and fluid
She is anything and everything
Washes anguish off worn skin
Carries your tears to the end of the earth
And when she is still
She reflects the horizon,
Reflects your complexion
You see drab cheeks
Sleep that has escaped you
Love that has ruined you
Convincing you of deprivation
For she is nourishment.

He is the sun
Brushes across eyelids
Urging you to rise
How refined is your ambition?
You chase after him
For infinity
To aggrandize your glory
He is wild and magnanimous
A collection of gas and flames
Circling you,
Daring you
How resilient are you?
He beckoned renaissance
Set dried sage a blaze
Drew transcendence from smoke
Upon departure
He called luster to the sky
Gave the moon shine
Draping you in dreams,
Soak it all in
For he is nutrition

The Artist
The artist consumed only water for 5 days
Layed in the sun for 10
From desperation comes inspiration
And when it came to contact
The artist stirred bodies
Ruptured balance
Hollowing insides
Claiming sake of purpose
The artist cracked surfaces
Left everything oozing
Raw and reckless
The artist surrenders to the art
Transcribing pain as beauty
Deeming cuts as vessels
Blurring beginning and end
Sketching with debris

The artist is incomplete.


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