Sunday, 28 January 2018

September Flowers

Last year in October I completed and performed my first full length collection; 11 poems for a collection called September Flowers.
September Flowers was a big deal for me for a number of reasons:
~ it was the first time I had written a series of poems. I really thought about what 'series' meant; I came up with: a body of work that ranges in style, focus, length, message -all to be woven together to tell a story as well as sub stories. It felt like my first real venture as a real writer #levels
~ Thus I am exploring theme and symbolism and I realised -I love symbolism- what a way to embellish on imagery, concept, and context; impact is in description.
~ I introduced words from my native language: Amharic  I linked the collection's purpose and theme to Ethiopian traditions: September marks the end of the rainy season, beginning of the sunny season, the new year, Meskel is a celebration held on the 28th to honour the finding of the true cross, Ye Meskerem abeba is the yellow flower that blooms only in September. -As you can guess this series goes along the theme of letting go and starting a new. I still have a ways to go in regards to reconnecting with my culture but as far as new beginnings go I'm pretty happy with this.
~ The symbolism in which I chose to explore and extend in almost every poem was flowers.
It's only this year that I started to appreciate flowers, before was either apathetic or low key bitter towards flowers (Valentines day has always been dry but also Valentines day is a scam) for the most part flowers symbolise beauty. As the over thinker that I am I thought I had to dig deeper into that, but turns out beauty is subjective things are beautiful to different people for different reasons so I had to accept it. However I could dig into how beauty makes us feel and where beauty is placed.

At the moment I'm looking at the different ways I can play with September Flowers, whether it's expanding it or performing it a couple more times. I must say the first time I performed it was an exhilarating experience for me and I feel so lucky that I had wonderful people there to hear me and experience that day with me. October 15, 2017 a rainy Sunday afternoon ~
For now I'll be posting a few of the poems on this blog x

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