Sunday, 28 January 2018

Holy Matrimony (September Flowers)

He had too much ambition
All she wanted in fruition
Was love
Secure enough
To give enough
He made promises intended to keep
She fell in love
Before loving herself
Their journey was taxing
Cut their values down to fractions
Decisions broke trust into fragments
It nearly ruined them
They barely look at each other now
Survival makes you do ugly things
She is unfulfilled
He is angry
Even his ambition couldn’t fix them
His ego took up too much space
Her bitterness burnt holes through the ground
Their house is insecure
Just as well,
It’s mostly empty now
Neither willing to surrender
Bound by tradition
searching for reason became
treacherous and exhausting
Bound by;
fear of loneliness
Rings etched into their fingers
nearly cutting circulation
Holy matrimony nearly ruined them
All because the flowers
Were left at the altar.

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